Backup Systems

Pitch Backup Module PBS3 with Lithium-Ion Storage Batteries

  • Developed by OAT in 2005 as a revolutionary backup system into series production, it nowadays represents a well-established unit in our systems
  • The lithium-ion technology permitted a weight and volume reduction of approx. 40 % to earlier backup systems
  • There is no need for a separate battery box
  • Integrated reliable monitoring of all voltages and status management at all times

Pitch Backup Module UCM with Ultracapacitors

  • Maintenance-free ultracapacitors
  • Energy storage with monitoring
  • Integrated rapid charge function in PMM
  • Charging time <60 sec
  • Full 600V intermediate circuit voltage even with partial discharged ultracap modules based on integrated booster
  • Monitoring of capacity and charge status without service interruption of the wind turbine